Girls Run Challenge Update #1


This week has been very eventful. I completed the Arthurs Seat Challenge which was definitely a challenge for me. 6.7km of uphill running is not easy and I really doubt that I would have been able to complete it without all the training I have been doing for the Carmen’s Women’s Fun Run. Having been given a guide of what I need to do each day/week has been invaluable and has helped to keep me focused and taken the stress out of the whole process. I just need to keep getting up at 6am which is getting easier. What do they say? It takes 21 days to create a habit.

Each training run I do I keep expecting to have improved in leaps and bounds and find myself getting disheartened but when I look back 3 weeks to when I started, there is a massive improvement in both my running style, and pace and endurance.

I’m starting to get excited to push myself each run and am really pumped to see if I can break the 1 hour mark for the 10kms.


Training has been difficult, and I have been questioning if I might fail, what if I cannot complete the race? I have been trying to relax and change my thought process. I am very excited to complete this run and excited to show people it can be done. Two lovely mums from my son’s school, Tania and Cass are keeping me accountable and encouraging me.

I’m not a gracious gazelle by any means! I wonder what I look like, as others pass me on the track. I can feel my bits wobbling, but more excited about the fact that I feel stronger and get antsy to get on the track. I feel free when I run and pretend I can hear chariots of fire playing in the background.
The track I go to has beautiful kangaroos everywhere resting and sunning themselves. I am reminded of how lucky I am to witness this and enjoy the moment. Sometimes it’s these moments that keep me grounded and grateful.

I was very excited to receive our costumers that we have ordered for the run. Tutus, legwarmers and gloves! Counting down the days until race day.

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