Girls Run Challenge – Race Week Update


What an exciting 5 weeks i’ve had getting ready for this coming Sunday. My running stride has naturally improved and I hit my first goal of 5kms in under 30minutes on Saturday – 29minutes and 34 seconds. I was so proud of myself.

Unfortunately I have been a little too eager and last week I strained my adductor muscle (my groin) so I have had to lay off any hard runs this week and not been able to follow my plan which is causing me a bit of angst. I’m starting to doubt whether or not I can make this 10km in under an hour, but I have come to the conclusion that it is about completing this run first and foremost and it is a bonus if I am able to do it under an hour. My beautiful friend and running partner, Kelly, has been by my side the entire time and has given me so much strength to keep going. I can’t wait until Sunday, the 5am wake-up isn’t even a problem. See you on the track!


Training has been a challenge, as my knee gave way and I had to have a MRI done. I have been resting it, bought a compression sleeve and heat rubs. I am currently having to take  pain relief, as nothing is going to stop me from running this race, even if I have to crawl!

I am starting to feel very nervous now, due to my sore knee, but am excited for the day!

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