Training Programs


  • Set your goal for the race distance – to finish; for a time; improvement – whatever is your focus
  • Take your training progress slowly
  • Don’t run every day
  • Include strength & conditioning into your program
  • Have 1 full rest day each week
  • Tell the world that you have set this goal
  • Find some training buddies to help keep you on track

2 Weeks For Free

Below are 3 different running programs for different distances. As an exclusive offer to Carman’s Women’s Fun Run, Running Divas have offered the first 2 week of these programs free.

If you like it, become a member and they’ll help you set some goals!

Running Diva’s tailor for women of all ages, body type and run experience to achieve something you never imagined was possible. Train your way by choosing from over a 100 different options. Including specific run sessions, strength & cross training.

12 Week Program
for Half Marathon

16 Week Program
for 10km beginner

16 Week Program
for 5km beginner