Tiana Bergmans

My Mum, Rose, is a true hero, and so are the women just like her, who have fought, and are fighting breast cancer. My motivation for doing the 10km run is to support my Mum, who was diagnosed in February 2017. This was a big shock for my family. It was particularly difficult for me, as the news came not long after I had left Perth again, where my Mum and family live, to return to Melbourne where I live and study. I visited Mum and did my best to support her from afar and it was comforting knowing she had the support of family and friends back home.

My mum has always inspired me, but her courage and determination to beat her battle took how inspiring she is to a new level. My mum continued to run her business, look after her elderly parents and my younger sister and keep everything under control, despite enduring a great deal of pain. I am in awe of my Mum’s amazing attitude; she refused to let this battle stop her from living her life and being the amazing mother, daughter, sister and woman that she is.

Thanks to all the research that has gone into breast cancer, my Mum received an early diagnosis and is now doing well post-treatment, but there are many women who haven’t been so fortunate. I am running to support my Mum, and all the women like her, so that BCNA can support women like my Mum when they need it most. I am very proud to be running for such an important cause.

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