Nutrition Tips & Tricks

From Running Divas –

Pre race Tips

Now that you have done all of the hard training it’s time for some final preparation.

  • Get your race day outfit washed and ready. Never wear anything new on race day if at all possible
  • Start to hydrate a bit more than you usually do in the week leading up to race day so that your body is ready for the extra effort. A combination of water, coconut water, watermelon water and electrolytes are a winning combo
  • Have a pedicure. Keeping toenails short is essential for happy race day feet
  • Add some sweet potato cooked any way that you like it to each meal 2 days prior to race day. This slow release carb will help to build energy stores. Much better than lots of carbs the night before your race
  • Plan with your family and friends where they will see you on the course. Just knowing when you will have this extra boost is such an advantage on race day

Night Before The Race Tips

  • Lay out all of your race outfit so that you don’t have to look for anything on race morning
  • Prepare your drop bag or after race bag that you will leave with a family member or friend or in the car. Include things like protein shake; extra layer of clothing; thongs for tired feet. Put this bag near your front door so that you can’t miss it in the morning
  • Charge your phone and or GPS watch
  • Have Vaseline/body glide/skin slick ready
  • Put out sunscreen to apply in the morning
  • Prep and lay out your tried and tested breakfast of choice
  • Plan where you will park, how long it will take you to walk to the start and the what time you need to leave home so that you are not stressing on race day. Plus make sure you have coins for parking meters
  • Sit quietly alone and visualise your race – how will you run your distance; what will you say to yourself; how will you push away the negative thoughts; see yourself crossing the finish line feeling so happy with what you have achieved
  • Do as little as possible so that you are relaxed
  • Spend 10mins doing some foam rolling to loosen muscles
  • Have a soda crystal bath to relax yourself and improve your sleep quality
  • Have an early night

Race Morning Tips

  • Get up early to have some water and or electrolytes and then have time to go to the toilet before you leave
  • Eat breakfast approx. 2 hours before your race starts
  • Before getting dressed – apply Vaseline/body glide/skin slick all over your feet, toes before putting on your socks to prevent blisters
  • Plus apply Vaseline/body glide/skin slick under bra line before putting sports bra on and in any other places that you could or do chaff
  • Have another toilet stop before heading out the door
  • Take some tissues and hand sanitiser if you need to use the porta loos on course just in case
  • Take 5mins to yourself to reinforce your positive mantras
  • Have a fantastic race day experience