Lisa Atley

I was a busy personal assistant in my forties when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2013. I had started jogging (or plodding as I described it)with a girlfriend once a week about three months before I found out and when I got the bad news I tried really hard to stay active.

Over the next six months of treatment I was able to work and continued to walk/run every day. I consider myself so lucky to have been able to stay active as it really helped me. Working at the time with a great company of women was amazing as they came with me on the journey – painting their nails black and getting a team together for the 2013 Sussan Women’s Fun Run. The 2013 run was two weeks after my first chemo session, but we went anyway. We had a great time and raised some money as a team. Afterwards I had a family lunch then went home, and just like a human fairy floss machine, my once long hair came out en masse.

Back then I used the support of BCNA’s online network a lot and I still do. What I know now is, the road is different for everyone and for me it’s been a bigger struggle since treatment has finished, so the 2015 Sussan Women’s Fun Run was just the incentive I needed to get moving again.

I am so lucky to have got through it all with great family and friends, but most of all with my amazing husband Craig who has taken every hurdle with me and kept me sane. He is also helping me fundraise and I think it’s wonderful that many of his friends and co-workers are donating, because at the end of the day, it’s not just me that was affected.

I can’t believe the fantastic donations coming in from everywhere, but it’s seriously motivated me to get running and do a good job on the day. To be running as part of the BCNA team this year is a real privilege after all their help they have given me. I hope to be better than a plod on the day but either way I will be having fun!


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