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Colette McShane – The HIIT Mum, The HIIT Factory & PT in My Pocket

Colette is a trainer from Melbourne, Australia, who created The HIIT Factory, The HIIT Mum brand and PT in My Pocket App. Colette specialises in Bodyweight interval training and wants fitness to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Colette recognised the gap in the market for mums to workout with their kids involved, and also that people didn’t need to spend hours and hours at the gym, just a 30 minute workout 4 or 5 times per week, and The HIIT factory was born.

The HIIT Factory is all about bodyweight training, 30 minute workouts and the fast fitness revolution. It’s hugely popular with families and each location has a real community feel about it. The HIIT factory is now in 6 locations in Victoria and with many more to open across Australia and the world.

The HIIT Factory offers a number of exclusive workouts including their own workout programs HIIT Skip and Booty Burn, as well as offering cutting edge formats from across the globe, including Insanity, P90X, Fatburn Extreme and GameFit.

Colette and The HIIT Factory changes the lives of thousands of people on a weekly basis through fun and effective workouts.

Colette (The HIIT Mum) has amassed an online audience of 250,000+ across several social media channels. Her fitness app PT in My Pocket has over 35,000 users, and The HIIT MUM online 30 day challenge has over 14,000 followers worldwide.

The HIIT Mums latest 6 week meal plan #rockyourbody has launched to phenomenal success and  ran in conjunction with The HIIT Factory’s 6 week challenge –  Real Food, Easy to follow and make and most of all delicious. As a Carmans Womans Fun Run Runner, you can access an exclusive discount code and follow this amazing plan in the lead up to race day.

Colette launched The HIIT Box in 2015, Australia’s first  fitness subscription box. It’s delivered all around Australia quarterly. The HIIT Box is  filled with Colette’s favourite fitness, food and lifestyle products.

Train with The HIIT Mum and her crew at HIIT Factory

Locations across Victoria: